Top of FormThis Privacy Statement (Policy) has been created by Go Wazir Management to convey our strong commitment to helping our customers and service providers better understand what details we gather about them and what might happen to them.

A. Privacy Policy

Gowazir Home Services Private Limited ("Go Wazir") respects your privacy as of 15th July 2020, this Privacy Policy Agreement is successful. Please contact us at Email: or customer care number if you have any questions or comments about the Privacy Policy.

This approach is integrated into the Go Wazir Terms of Use which can be viewed at and is subject to that. Your usage of the Mobile App and Facilities and any personal details you have on the Mobile App shall remain subject to the conditions of the Policy and to the Conditions of Use of Go Wazir.

Go Wazir only seeks to provide a platform wherein Service Provider, and Customer has an opportunity to meet each other.


Customer and Service Provider acknowledge and agree;

  • If you have symptoms including fever, cough and shortness of breath, seek medical attention, you are not allowed to use this Mobile Application or Services.

  • If you feel unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, even mild ones, stay home and get tested for COVID-19. You (Customer and Service Provider) are not allowed to use this Services or Mobile Application Services.

  • If you are under red zone location or area, quarantine area, lockdown area, you are strictly prohibited using the Mobile application or services.

During working time

  • It is recommended that Service Provider always carry a hand sanitiser, pack of disposable tissues, and disinfecting wipes,

  • Wash your hands frequently using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub for at least 20 seconds,

  • Keeping the workplace clean,

  • Maintain a safe distance/Stay at least 1.5 metres away from other people,

  • Avoid close contact with a person, avoid children or pregnant women,

  • The use of a mask is compulsory,

  • Before the services at the workplace, during the call contact, Customer need to verify whether Service Provider has COVID-19 symptoms or not. He/She shall be eligible for work or not during COVID-19 situations. You are the self-responsible for these activities if COVID-19 disease spread,

  • Before the services at the workplace, during the call contact, Service Provider needs to verify whether Customer has COVID-19 symptoms or not. You are the self-responsible for these activities if COVID-19 disease spread.

COVID-19 Responsible activity

  • Customer and Service Provider acknowledge and agree; Go Wazir shall not responsible for the spreading COVID-19 in-between Customer and Service Provider. You are the self-responsible for these activities if COVID-19 disease spread.

  • Before the using Go Wazir Mobile Application, Customer and Service Provider acknowledge and agree that you are not COVID-19 disease patient and you do not have any signs and symptoms of the disease. You are the self-responsible for these activities if COVID-19 disease spread.

1. Collection of Personal Information of Service Provider & Customer

Go Wazir collects personally identifiable information from the service provider to offer their services. Data regarding service providers (name, Mobile number and photograph) is open in full or in part to all customers who use the Go Wazir Mobile application by sending a request for services. We collect mobile number, image, and name for the service provider accessible in the case of the client. We also provide the current location and service needs the customer's place for the service provider.

Service Provider: If and when the Go Wazir mobile application creates and uses an account, it will be required to upload and provide information to Go Wazir including personal contact details, photographs, personal identification details (such as an Aadhar card). Service Provider may use the application after the identity verification. The type of personal details we obtain from you that mobile application is for the purpose of your identification and protection only. We do not use any source for and disclose your personal information. These collected information is used to guarantee greater customer satisfaction and to help a client meet their needs.

Customer: During the Account registration process of Go Wazir mobile application, we will collect information like your name, mobile number and photographs. This information only will accessible to Service Provider who provides services as per your requirements.

Background Verification

  • The Service Provider has no opposition to the sharing of personal information and documents by Go Wazir, including name, date of birth, address, mobile number, Aadhaar number and other government-issued IDs such as the Aadhaar card.

  • The Service Provider agrees that Go Wazir and its users / partners are entitled to access and update the digital record of the Proprietary Details on the Verifier site, including the records, documents. And are allowed to use the relevant services offered via the Verifier portal.

  • The Service Provider acknowledges that if the Service Provider wishes to edit and delete its digital record from the Verified Account, the same verification process will be completed again. You should email us for these activities, or call us. If any misleading / mischief activity occurred, Go Wazir has reserved its right to blacklisted you forever.

  • Go Wazir retains the right to record messaging / chat or calls between the service provider and the customer during conversations.

  • If any complaints, dispute, thief, or anything that occurred during services or activities, Go Wazir shall not be responsible for anything and any more. Therefore, we strongly recommend to Customer, capture the photo of Service Provider during Services time and keep with you for your record.

2. Social Networking Sites

  • We do not provide services from Website, Facebook, Linkedin, or other social networking sites, media, accounts. We use only Go Wazir android mobile application for both Customer and Service Provider. Our Website and Facebook is only for Marketing purpose.

  • Please consult Facebook's Privacy Policy for details on how Facebook may use and reveal your information, including any information you make public. We have no power over how every third party website handles or discloses personal information about you that it gathers.

3. Third-Party Data Policy

  • No personally identifiable information / files are collected from your mobile device. We obtain and monitor specific data regarding your mobile device (such as your device type, installed software and language preferences) automatically, your taps and interests; and can create a unique app or user ID for you.

  • Your location using GPS, your operating system will require you to grant/permission to access your GPS; please refer to your device’s system settings regarding location services.

4. How Personal Information of Customer and Service Provider is Used

  • To fully understand your needs and provide you with a better application experience, we collect your personal information and aggregate information about the use of our Services. In fact, we may use your personal details for any of the following reasons:

  • To provide you with our Services, including registering with our Services, checking your identification and authorization to use our Services, and enabling you to use our Services;

  • Payment and payment collection, including communicating with third party payment gateways in conjunction with the Facilities.

  • Enhancing and preserving our Programs and Websites;

  • Dispute settlement, security of ourselves and all consumers of our Website and Services and implementation of our Terms of Use.

  • When our privacy activities alter with respect to previously collected privacy, Go Wazir shall make appropriate efforts to advise and obtain the permission of all of the uses permitted by law.

5. Security

  • Use of the mobile application, mobile number and password is your own responsibility. We will not pledge and we can not confirm, and so you can not presume, that anyone do not gather and use your personal details or private correspondence.

  • You should take steps to protect your password from unauthorized access, call, sign off after using an application, choose a robust password that no one else knows or can easily guess, and keep your login and password private.

  • Go Wazir shall not be liable for unauthorized usage of your details or for any damaged, broken, corrupted passwords or action on your Account by unauthorized login operation or mobile application-related behavior, or any other action.

6. Disclosure (Customer and Service Provider)

We share the information that we collect about you, including your personal information, as follows:

Information Disclosed to Protect Us and Others

Go Wazir believes that disclosure is necessary in order to comply with any governmental authority's legal process (example court order) or other legal requirement; Our Terms of Use are fairly appropriate for implementation of this Privacy Policy. Disclosure is meant to help prosecute or avoid illicit sales or other criminal acts in an real or future litigation.

Disclosure to Service Provider

When Service Provider is using Go Wazir mobile application and he / she is employed in another company / industry / office / contractual or other facilities. Service provider is autonomous in these activities. Go Wazir is not responsible for this law / contract / or any other cases. Respect other people's rights please. If you are registering with Go Wazir, we assume you agree to use Go Wazir with other privacy policy.

Information Disclosed to Law

Go Wazir may disclose to law enforcement or other government officials your (Customer and Service Provider) information (everything), your name, city, state, telephone number user ID history, listing history and fraud complaints, if we are required to do so by law, regulation or other governmental authority or otherwise in cooperation with a governmental authority investigation.

In the Event of a Change of Control

Go Wazir reserves the right to pass to third parties / successors any details we have obtained from the consumer and service provider via Mobile Application Services.

Information Disclosed at Your Request

We may share your personal information; Customer`s to Service Provider or Service Providers to Customer.

Go Wazir have only right to such type of activities.

7. Links to External Websites

  • The Website / Weblink may contain links to other websites or resources that Go Wazir has no control over. These ties do not signify Go Wazir 's approval of certain external websites.

  • Go Wazir shall not be responsible for the security and privacy of any details you provide while accessing these external websites and such websites are not subject to this Regulation. Your use of any external website is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy on the external website linked to it.

8. Updating, Deleting Your Personal Information

  • You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal data by the following methods:

  • You can check, correct and delete your personal information by logging in to your preferences page in the "Edit Profile" mobile application. You must update your personal information on time if it changes or is inaccurate. We will not manually modify your personal information, as it is difficult to remotely verify your identity.

  • We maintain details from closed accounts in order to comply with the rules, to deter theft, to recover any payments required, to settle conflicts, to fix issues, to help with any inquiry by another Authorized Customer, to impose our Terms of Use and to take any other measure expressly allowed by law that we find appropriate with our absolute and complete discretion.

  • After we have removed your account, you understand that Go Wazir is not liable for any personal details not mentioned in your removed account that exists on the file. The data would be missing from the side deletion or from our side deletion and Go Wazir will not be liable for such activities.

9. Password Protection (Must be 3-15 numbers or anything)

  • The key to your Mobile App Account is your password. You can use specific numbers, symbols, special characters and variations of these when building your password.

  • Also, do NOT disclose the information to anybody. You are solely responsible for all actions taken through your account if you share your password or personal information with others.

B. Acceptance of Terms

Please and extensively read the terms of usage. The following terms and conditions ("Terms of Use") and the Privacy Policy (as defined below) form a legally binding agreement between Go Wazir and you.

10. Modifications to Terms of Use And/Or Privacy Policy

  • Go Wazir retains the freedom, at its absolute discretion, to alter, adjust or otherwise update the Terms of Use at any time, including all other documentation inserted by reference herein for accordance with the legal including regulatory requirements and other valid business purposes, and Go Wazir must publish the revised Terms of Use on the www.gowazir/terms domain.

  • We highly suggest that it is your duty to evaluate all amendments to the Terms of Use and you are expected to update the Terms of Use regularly.

11. Membership Eligibility Criteria

  • You serve (Customer and Service Provider), accept and consent that (a) all data information you provide is honest and correct, (b) you ensure the integrity of these details and (c) the usage of the Application and Services provided by this Mobile Application does not infringe any relevant legislation or regulation.

  • Your Account can be terminated without notice if we suspect you do not comply with any relevant laws, rules or regulations at our discretion.

  • By establishing your Account, you must have correct, reliable, up-to - date and full details and must retain and amend the details over the duration of this Agreement ensuring that it stays precise, valid, updated and full.

  • You can not include/use (OTHERS) phone numbers, certain names, emails, Personal Details (Adhaar Card). If that happens, otherwise you are liable for these legitimate actions.

12. Prohibitions

  • All user and service provider will upload or attach material according to what directions show in the smartphone device. If any misunderstandings have arisen, please call us or send us an E-mail.

  • During working hours or call after or before conversation: pornographic, harassing, hateful, illegal, obscene, threatening, discriminatory, racially, culturally or ethnically offensive; hatred, bigotry, racism, or gratuitous violence, occurring that would be considered a criminal offence, result in civil liability or violate any law; promotes racism, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any kind.

13. No Discrimination

  • Discriminatory articles, Indian law forbids any privilege, restriction or prejudice dependent on ethnicity, colour, faith, gender, national origin, age, impairment or any other form of security.

  • Go Wazir does not willingly allow any Posting that contravenes the rule.

  • Go Wazir has the power, at its own discretion and without prior warning, to delete any posting that discriminates or is in violation of any law immediately.

14. Prohibitions with respect to Services

While using the Mobile Application, you shall not:

  • Upload material or objects in some group or region unacceptable for the Mobile application

  • Violate any law, rights of third parties, account policies or provisions of the Terms of Use.

15. Feedback After Service End

  • As a Mobile App User or Service Provider, you consent to show patience, prudence and sound judgement while giving Comments to another consumer.

  • Go Wazir does not and can not check any Mobile Application reported Online. These prohibitions do not require that Go Wazir monitor, police or delete any Postings or other information you or any other user submit.

16. Service Provider: Process During Working Strictly Follows

Rules for Service Provider

  • Service Provider strictly not allows taking visiting charges from the Customer.

  • Go Wazir not taking any charges from the Customer. Customer can use this application as a free of cost.

  • Service Provider own will take charges from Customer at their individual appropriate rate. Go Wazir shall not be responsible for transaction/money in between Customer and Service Provider. Mischief/fraud or anything that happened during working; Go Wazir will not be responsible for anything action.

  • Unwanted ads or promotion of the products not accessible on the Internet or on an unofficial platform.

  • Uploading numerous caps surpass,

  • Using a single service but offering identical additional services as described in the Service.

  • Give a chance to buy the Service or some other service beyond Go Wazir via Go Wazir.

  • If we know that every service provider is engaged in either of the above operations, the sole right of Go Wazir is to blacklist the service provider.

  • Consent to contact by telephone or any other form of electronic communication

  • It is further explained that your Mobile Application registration is considered to be your permission to be approached for the above reasons, the telephone number will be exchanged with Go Wazir during operation and you agree to the terms.

  • Go Wazir must report your details to the Customer like personal information (name, telephone number, place where you are now, for services) provided you consent to do so.

  • You shall be solely responsible for your own Submitted Content and the consequences of posting or publishing it.

Rules for Customer

  • Use a Service without paying to Go Wazir

  • Customer pays money/cash/online transaction to appropriate Service Provider who worked for you for services.

  • Be careful while transaction. If any fraud happened, Go Wazir will not be responsible for these activities.

  • Customer does not violate any of the referenced rules in connection with his or her related,

  • Go Wazir, in its sole discretion, may take limit the Service Customer Account privileges,

  • Suspend the Service Customer Account.

  • Go Wazir does not guarantee any confidentiality concerning any Submitted Content.

  • Customer agrees that any Submitted Content provided by you for which you authorise to be searchable by Registered Customer who has access to the Mobile Application is provided on a non-proprietary and non-confidential basis.

  • You are aware that any information provided by you in the Submitted Content is true.

  • Your GPS location will be used by Service provider for their services.

  • Go Wazir will disclose your information including personal information (Name, Mobile Number, Location for service to the Service Provider) and you are agreeing for these activities.

  • You shall be solely responsible for your own Submitted Content and the consequences of posting or publishing it.

  • You may remove your Submitted Content from the Mobile Application at any time.

17. Go Wazir Disclaimers and Right to Remove

  • Go Wazir will not support any Submitted Content or any view, suggestion or guidance found therein and Go Wazir specifically disclaims all responsibility in relation to all Submitted Contents.

  • Go Wazir reserves the right without prior notice to delete any Data or Submitted Content.

  • Go Wazir would also remove Consumer and Service Provider access from the Application if a serial infringer is established.

  • You agree and accept that you will be subjected to the information provided from a number of sources while using the Go Wazir Mobile Application and that Go Wazir Mobile Application is not liable for the authenticity, quality, protection or intellectual property rights of or relating to these Provided Material.

  • You are solely responsible for the photographs, personal data, personal data, documents, profiles and other content you post or display on or through the Go Wazir Mobile Application.

  • You understand and accept that Go Wazir Mobile Application can, at its absolute discretion and without incurring any responsibility, review and delete or withdraw any material submitted that violates this Agreement or that may be abusive, unlawful or that may infringe the privileges, injure or endanger the protection of Go Wazir Mobile Application;

  • If you send any messages, remarks, queries, recommendations, be email, phone, recommendations for improvements to the Go Wazir Mobile Application and Website, all these suggestions shall be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary.

Termination of Website or Mobile Application

  • Go Wazir reserves the right to change or discontinue, temporarily or indefinitely, the Mobile Application (or any portion thereof) with or without warning and in its absolute discretion at any time and from time to time;

  • You accept that Go Wazir shall not be responsible for any alteration, termination or discontinuation of Go Wazir services to you or any third party.

Termination by Go Wazir

You hereby accept and consent that Go Wazir shall, in its sole and utter discretion, disable, terminate or deactivate your Account, terminate your connection to or involvement in the usage of the Mobile Application, uninstall and discard any submitted Mobile Application material instantly and without warning, for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation, Account inactivity or where Go Wazir.

Termination by You

You may cancel the usage of the Mobile Application; will terminate the Terms of Use automatically with or without justification at any time.

Effect of Termination

Both details will be deleted immediately after expiration of the Profile.

Your account may be unavailable in the case of cessation of operation, and you will not be given access to your account, or any files or other data stored in your account. Despite the above, residual data can still remain in the Go Wazir Application Program.

18. Intellectual Property Rights

  • Go Wazir holds licenses for all Mobile Application and Website data and trademarks.

  • Go Wazir owns the Mobile Device and Website material, language, apps, visuals, images, multimedia functionality and the like, and the trademarks , service marks and logos found therein ("Marks").

  • You agree not to use, copy or distribute any data other than the copying or distribution of the submitted content obtained through the Mobile Application or the Website for any commercial purpose herein expressly authorized.

19. Go Wazir License to You for the Use of Data from Mobile Application

  • The Mobile Application contains Go Wazir Data or material that is covered by copyright , trademark, patent, trade secret and other rules, and Go Wazir holds and maintains all rights to Go Wazir Data;

  • The Mobile Application includes consumer, service provider data which you are not expected to copy, alter, convert, print, transmit, send, send, view or sell. It is against the Law and the Go Wazir.

20. Service Charges or Fees Very Important

  • Joining Go Wazir Mobile Application is free for Customers and Service providers.

  • Go Wazir not take any charges from Customer and Service Provider for Sign up, Sign in charges.

  • Service Provider takes charges from Customer as per their Service charges.

  • Service Provider strictly banned for taking visiting charges from any customers.

  • Go Wazir provide only Service Provider to the customers as per customer request from the Mobile Application.

  • Go Wazir not responsible for the charges or fees, discussion, conversation in between Service Provider and Customer.

  • Go Wazir provide display the request from a customer to the Service Provider via Mobile Application as per the customer request for the various home services, appliances services, repairing services.

  • Customer can cancel the request for services before book the services or before the start to work.

  • Customer takes care self to provide fees or payment to Service Provider. Go Wazir not responsible for paying or fees.

  • Go Wazir not responsible in work deal or Services, or any other services, buy, sell, in between Customer and Service Provider.

  • Go Wazir not sell any product, company products, other buying products, selling products, appliances, or any other third party products.

Fees from Service Provider

  • Go Wazir currently does not take any charge from Service provider for services via Go Wazir Mobile application.

  • However, Go Wazir reserves the right to charge a fee from Service Provider in the future on a per-transaction/Monthly basis recharge or in any other manner, and reserves the right to do so in its sole discretion.

  • (Service Provider) Fee/Recharge Policy is effective after 3-month or 90 days or as per Go Wazir policy, use of Go Wazir Mobile Application by Service Provider.

  • If applicable, you agree to pay all fees or charges to your Account based on Go Wazir’s fees, charges, and billing terms then in effect.

  • Service Provider does not recharge service on time for any reason, Go Wazir reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your access from the Mobile Application and Account and terminate these Terms of Use.

  • Service Provider does not recharge service on time/expiry date/monthly balance date/ for any reason, automatically your service will be stopped, and you agree on the terms of services.

  • If the Service Provider cancels the contract at some point, no compensation can be provided whether the deadline for renewal is fixed or not, irrespective of year, period.

  • Go Wazir retains the privilege, if required at its own discretion, to begin effective legal action to recover these sums.


Customer and service provider agree that Go Wazir is not responsible or accountable in any way with regard to tax liability.

21. Negotiation of Terms of Service; Disputes Between Customer and Service Provider

  • User and service provider accept and agree; they are ultimately liable for resolving all problems, billing, contacting, answering, Position, GPS, Technical Problem, Misunderstanding, Dispute, Third Party, Staff, for all Products.

  • If Service Provider requests additional payments, liability is the sole obligation of the consumer for these services.

  • Go Wazir shall not be responsible for any action taken or not taken based on the knowledge or services given in this Mobile Application.

22. Go Wazir is Not a Party to Any Service Contract

Each Customer accepts, recognizes and understands that Go Wazir aims only to provide a forum where the Customer and Service Provider can be brought together and Go Wazir itself has no position in the success or delivery of Services.

23. No Agency Or Partnership

  • No business, arrangement or job shall be generated by way of the Terms of Use or the usage of any portion of the Mobile Program, including without restriction, or Service Agreement.

  • You have completely no power to bind Go Wazir in every way.

  • All service providers are independent contractors and use the Go Wazir Platform to carry out their local work.

24. Disputes Between Registered Customers

  • You agree that it is your personal choice to utilize the Service Provider Product to a Business User or to use the details found in any Submitted Material, including, without limitation, Advertisements, Deals, Needs and/or Reviews, for which you are solely liable.

  • You agree that Go Wazir does not warrant and can not render statements as to the suitability of any person you can want to communicate with via the Mobile Application, the appropriateness of any guidance , knowledge or suggestions provided by any person.

  • You should agree that every so-called background search carried out by Go Wazir is not comprehensive to the degree of which past criminal histories are decided and, hence, the Customer can make an educated decision on his / her own accord and bear in mind that Go Wazir just aims to provide a forum where Customer and Service Provider will reach each other.

  • Customer and Service Provider accepts that, Go Wazir merely aims to offer a forum where the Service Provider and Customer can be taken together and Go Wazir itself has no part in the operation or delivery of the Services itself, Go Wazir shall not be responsible or liable for any failure or harm to any goods, transaction or contract.

  • If a dispute arises between the Mobile Application participants, or between the customer or any Mobile Application / Website user and any third party, you acknowledge and agree that Go Wazir is not obliged to participate.

25. Dispute Resolution Between Customer, Service Provider and Go Wazir

  • When a conflict occurs between you and Go Wazir, our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective and impartial way of settling the conflict rapidly.

  • They highly urge you to first approach us directly and obtain settlement via E-mail at, before resorting to a formal complaint. The conflict shall be resolved as alternatives to court by alternate dispute settlement mechanisms, such as consultation or arbitration.

26. Third-party Links, Contact Forms and Phone Numbers

  • You accept and understand that Go Wazir shall not be liable or accountable, directly or indirectly, for any harm or failure caused or claimed to result from or in connection with the usage or dependence on any such material, advertisement, commodity, products or services accessible on or via any such website or tool.

  • The interactions and correspondence with some entity other than Go Wazir through the Mobile Application / Website are between you and that third party only.

27. Disclaimer of Warranties

  • You accept the usage of the Go Wazir Mobile Application is at your own risk.

  • Go Wazir makes no guarantees against inaccuracies in data, metadata, records, resources, functionality of the Go Wazir Mobile Application / Website or metadata submitted, or any unauthorized access to or usage of our protected servers.

  • Go Wazir makes no warranties against all personal and/or financial information, any bugs, viruses or any third party's Go Wazir Mobile Application / Website, any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the Website, any defamatory, offensive or unlawful conduct by any third party or Customer or service provider.

  • Go Wazir makes no warranty against any failure or harm of any sort resulting from the usage of any data, content, documents, resources, content of the Go Wazir Mobile Application / Website or content downloaded, forwarded, distributed or otherwise rendered available via the Go Wazir Mobile Application / Website.

  • Go Wazir Mobile Application does not support, authorize, authorize or claim liability for any good or service marketed or sold by a third party via the internet or any hyperlinked internet or banner or other advertising.

  • Go to Wazir Mobile Application / Website / Group not liable for tracking any interaction between the User, Service Provider and any entity, including third party product or service provider.

28. No Third-party Beneficiaries

You accept that, except as expressly given in the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use shall not include a third party beneficiary.

29. Notice

You agree that Go Wazir may provide you with notifications, including those concerning changes to the Terms of Use, by email, notification of mobile applications or posts on the Website / Social Media, Official Facebook page.

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